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Members AGM


Saturday March 23, 2024 at 2.30pm


Venue RSL Room, 167-185 Banna Avenue, Griffith NSW 2680


All members and non-members interested in the Griffith War Memorial Museum are invited to attend. Any apologies/questions….please contact Pat Cox via phone 0407485091 or email



167 - 185 Banna Avenue Griffith NSW 2680


















Let us make a real and genuine effort for PEACE to return to mankind and  the world !!!

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Australian War Memorial










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The Griffith War Memorial Museum is open on Fridays and Saturdays.


Friday 10am-2pm

Saturday 11am-2pm


Good Friday  Closed


ANZAC DAY open after the Cenotaph ceremony


BOER WAR DAY (If requested)11am-1pm


KOREAN VETERANS’ DAY (If requested) 11am-1pm


VIETNAM VETERANS’ DAY 18/8 each year,  open after the Cenotaph ceremony


REMEMBRANCE DAY  open after the Cenotaph ceremony


Any other days by appointment


If you want to book a group visit, then please contact Mrs Pat Cox (secretary) on 0407485091. Schools are welcome to learn about the Australian and local  Military history from the available displays/presentations.…we are looking forward to see you !!!


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The museum is open on Fridays  from 10 am to 2 pm and on Saturdays from 11 am to 2 pm.



A nominal Roll of Griffith’s “National Servicemen” is accessible at the museum.


The Griffith RSL Sub-Branch donated the former Cenotaph Memorial Plaque and the Invictus Games Flag to the Museum, where they are on display for the public.


Griffith Cenotaph


The cenotaph shows the names of locals who were Killed In Action or Died of Wounds in the conflicts. In 2018 18 WW1 names were added and the WW2 names adjusted up to 104.


Detailed information about each name on the cenotaph is

available in the Museum.





Are you a descendant or relative of a WW1 Serviceman who came as a soldier settler to the NSW Griffith region after WW1 finished and who had served in the South African Boer War between 1899 and 1902?

 If the answer is "yes" we kindly invite you to provide us with information about this person. Details such as name, service number, regiment, where deployed in South Africa, and maybe a copy of a photo... will then be added to our Boer War Register. At the moment we have 27 confirmed names on our register and another 19 are being researched for possible inclusion. If you have information and would like to share this, please send an email to

or visit our webpage for more contact details.






If you are interested in researching your personal pedigree or the history of Griffith NSW, the Griffith War Memorial Museum and the Griffith Genealogical & Historical Society are both THE PLACES TO BE. They are sources of information for individuals and educational institutions.


The GWMM covers the local military history by Honour and Nominal Rolls, as well as records of Indigenous military service and the Australian Women’s Land Army.  GWMM is open on Fridays 10am-2pm and Saturdays 11am-2pm.


The GGHS focusses more on family history research, “Ancestry”, the pioneers, soldier settlers, immigrants and land records. From 2024 the GGHS will re-open in the Griffith City Library.  Timeslots to be determined..

People interested are welcome and members are present to assist.




School/Group Museum Tours



Photos school visits


Museum Activity Sheets


Planning a group/school visit to theMuseum?


Volunteers are available to give information about  displays, records, museum projects and local Griffith military history.


If you want to visit on a museum’s “closed” day or to book a group/school visit then contact Mrs Pat Cox, secretary on

0407485091 or send an email to



New displays


* Mural Harry Dingle WW1

*  The Hanwood Cloth

* Dead Man’s Penny for Alan McGregor Whyte (WW1)

*Boer War 1899-1902

WWII 5.5  inch artillery gun 1           

WWII 5.5 inch artillery gun 2                


 *Attack on Australia       

*Interviews with local WW2 Veterans (Videos)

*First Australians and their defence of Australia with and from an Indigenous perspective (Reference material)

*Regional Aboriginal Honour and Nominal Rolls….Updated on ANZAC Day 2022.

*We hope to add more recent conflicts to the collection in 2024…Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, East-Timor,(Timor-Leste)





We call on anybody from Griffith or cities, towns and settlements in the regions around Griffith, who has served in any of the listed recent conflicts, to come forward and submit their name to the museum. It will be added to a list respecting and recognizing the service in the Australian Defence Forces. You are kindly invited to contact the Museum on 040748509 or send an  email to


 Your personal contribution is highly appreciated.


ROGER PENRITH (1972-2020)


Roger, a great supporter, contributor and founder of the Griffith War Memorial Museum's display on Indigenous service in the Australian Armed Forces passed tragically and unexpectedly away on December 12, 2020..  Roger…Rest in peace, We will remember you !


The Griffith War Memorial Museum’s management, members and volunteers.


Permission to use AWLA service emblem, e.g. hat badge on grave headstones and memorial plaques


The Office of Australian War Graves informed us that anyone seeking to inscribe the AWLA emblem on a headstone or memorial plaque is allowed to do so without seeking permission from the OAWG.


Contact the museum via email if you would like to receive a photo of the AWLA hat badge.







Current NSW K-10 Syllabus for the NSW Curriculum





NSW HSC Syllabus Preliminary/HSC Courses


Modern History










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Rolls of Honour            

Nominal Rolls


Boer War

WW1, WW2,  Korean War, Local National Servicemen




East Timor and Afghanistan,


Australian Women’s Land Army,


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians in the Armed Forces (Boer War until now)










This monument of the Australian Women’s Land Army was officially unveiled at the Museum in Banna Avenue , Griffith NSW

on Saturday July 11, 2015


More Info  “Click Here”



MUSEUMS&GALLERIES OF NSW GWMM declared winner of the 2015 IMAGinE Award in the categorie “Individual Achievement:Volunteer


“Blue Star” Keep NSW Beautiful

Cultural Heritage Award Finalist


Australia Day 2016

2015 Griffith” Citizen of the Year” Nomination

2015 “Girls with Grit”, Community Project Nomination


NSW Government, 17/8/2017

Ministerial Commendation for contributions to the Griffith Servicemen/women veterans community


2017 Proud and Deadly Awards

Recipient of the Community Award Non-Aboriginal


Australia Day 2019

2018 Griffith “Citizen of the Year” Joint Nomination

2018 Griffith Community “Project of the Year” Award Recipient. A combined team effort made by RSL, GGHS,GWMM.


Australia Day 2021

2020 Griffith “Citizen of the Year” Nomination


Australia Day 2022

2021 Griffith “Citizen of the Year” Nomination


Australia Day 2023

2022 Griffith “Citizen of the Year” Nomination






Guest speaker Miss Madison Penrith from the

Griffith Aboriginal Community spoke in her address about

* Indigenous Soldiers in the Australian Armed  


 *Her visit to Gallipoli attending the 1915/2015

   Centenary Commemorations



Local guest speaker Mr. Noel Hicks gave a very meaningful address on the Anzac Spirit and mateship. He brought tears to the eyes of many present when elaborating on the human aspects, the suffering and sacrifices in the wars.


Remembrance Day Service 2018.

Dedication of the Cenotaph’s new Honour Board, showing the names of local WW1 and 2 Servicemen who died during the conflicts, followed by a Centenary Commemoration of the end of WW1.

Detailed information about the WW1/WW2 Servicemen whose names are on the new Cenotaph Honour Board is now available for the public in the Griffith War Memorial Museum.



The Dawn Service was at 5.30am officially opened by Ty Powell playing the didgeridoo and the sounds of bagpipes and trumpets reverberating at the early start of the commemoration of Anzac Day 2019. The Dawn Service was again attended by an apparently every year increasing number of onlookers.

This was at 10.30 am followed by the Anzac Day march where hundreds lined up along Banna Avenue applauding and cheering the Sydney St Mary’s Bagpipes Band, Service and Ex-Servicemen  and women and descendants/relatives of Service People who had passed away. For the first time a wreath was laid for veterans who fought in the Boer War. A large crowd attended a moving ceremony at Griffith Memorial Park.




The COVID-19 crisis resulted in a cancellation of all ANZAC Day gatherings….Dawn-, Day-services and marches. However, many Australian residents organised personal candlelit driveway ceremonies where families in small groups honoured the veterans between 5.30 and 6.00 am.




Due to Covid restrictions the ANZAC DAY Dawn and  Main Services had to be  “controlled outdoor events” and as such it meant it had to be ticketed events in a fenced off area which in Griffith is Memorial Park in Banna Ave. There was also no march along Banna Ave.




Worried about the number of people attending

The Dawn and Morning ANZAC Day

commemorations after returning to the way pre-

Covid-19 services were run, now some Covid

restrictions were dropped ?

Attendance at both services was bigger than ever,

and it showed that the sacrifices of all Australians

who served in the conflicts Australia was part of,

had not been in vain and forgotten, but were recognised and  highly respected.

The commemoration address was given by Mr

Lachlan Date sharing the story of his great-

grandfather Frank Bartle Ledwidge who fought

in WW1 and WW2.




The ANZAC Day Dawn and Morning services

drew the biggest crowds to the Griffith Memorial

Park since Covid-19.

Graham Slingsby a former police officer and air

force reservist was the guest speaker reflecting on

the sacrifices made by many during WW1 and 2,

particularly the oft-forgotten roles of women

during major historic onflicts.

Terry Walsh stepping down from the role of

presenting the ANZAC Day services over many

years received a big ‘Thank You” from Griffith

RSL sub-branch president Michael Borg.



The Museum's Development

The Griffith War Memorial Museum owes its existence to the returned servicemen from WWI who became soldier-settlers in Griffith.  They had the foresight to have the Crown Land dedicated as a war memorial.  After WWII the returned soldiers, sailors, airmen and their families expressed a wish to establish a fitting memorial to those who served.  It has only been possible to establish the museum because of their and their offspring's commitment to remember the sacrifices that were made during the time of war.

The Griffith War Memorial Museum was officially opened by Lt, Col Peter Morrisey on Saturday July 25, 2009.

The objective of the Griffith War Memorial Museum Inc is to display items of military interest and aspects of the social history linked to military operations of ex-servicemen and women and their families from Griffith and districts.

The museum aims to achieve this by displaying photos, audio and DVD resource material, stories, clothing, weapons and other military artefacts.

Museum Hours.  


 Fridays            OPEN   10am-2pm

Saturdays         OPEN   11am-2pm


Good Friday   CLOSED


ANZAC DAY (25/4) open after the Cenotaph ceremony.


BOER WAR DAY (31/5)  open (if requested) between 11am and 1pm.


KOREAN VETERANS’ DAY (27/7) open (if requested) between 11am and 1pm


VIETNAM VETERAN’S DAY (18/8) open after the Cenotaph ceremony


REMEMBRANCE DAY (11/11) open after the Cenotaph ceremony


Entrance Fees

A donation is appreciated to cover development and maintenance costs of the museum. Donations over $2.00 are tax deductable and a receipt will be given.

Tours and Group Visits


If you would like to donate any artefacts, photos or information to the museum, please contact us via email or our PO Box 2221 Griffith.


These can be organised at other times by special arrangement.

By writing to PO Box 2221 Griffith NSW 2680,

or emailing to 

or by contacting the Secretary Pat Cox on 0407485091


·         Public parking on the street  bays and centre

·         Disabled access via door to the left of the building

·         Public toilets in the park next door.



167 - 185 Banna Avenue Griffith


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