Griffith War Memorial Museum offers tours for school groups and other interested parties.  We usually present a general overview of the museum and its purpose, as well as pointing out items of interest such as artefacts, examples of trench art, photo collections, dvds on World Wars I, II, Vietnam etc.

We suggest students might like to bring their own cameras as previous groups have enjoyed trying on a variety of uniforms, hats and equipment and then taking pictures with friends.  We offer
activity sheets such as “search and find”, “find a word” and crosswords, colouring in sheets and flags, as well as lists of Honour Roll soldiers' names to match with Griffith Street names. If people know the name and unit of a relative who volunteered from Griffith or the area, they can search for their details in our display books or use our Nominal Roll menu on this website.

You can… book a visit with us
(“Contact us” ) and we suggest if you have a particular topic of interest you are studying and give us sufficient notice, we can try to arrange a veteran to speak to your group.

If your group is local, you would probably find it useful to come in to the museum yourself to become familiar with the layout and what is on offer and discuss how we could better help you.  If you prepared an assignment or questionnaire for your group in advance, we could possibly post it on our website so students could complete it when they returned home from their visit.